Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why is the site Luke Jedi and not Jedi Luke?

My focus started with collecting the Luke Skywalker as Jedi Knight figure produced by Kenner & Hasbro. Thus I shortened "Luke Skywalker as Jedi Knight" to "Luke Jedi".

2) How do you distinguish what is/is not "Luke Jedi"?

Although the actual event when Luke becomes a Jedi Knight is open for discussion, I limit my collection focus to any Luke likeness where he is wearing his black outfit as seen throughout ROTJ.  I further limit it to items that do not have the Endor helmet unless the helmet is removable. Thus the Luke Skywalker in Endor Gear does not fit into my focus. Of course there are exceptions, but that is roughly how I determine my focus.

3) Can I submit pictures/information for inclusion on your site?

Yes, please feel free to submit any information you may have concerning Luke Jedi, no matter how small. The more information received, the more comprehesive this site will become, and the more we collectors can help each other.

4) You are missing X, I disagree with Y, I think.....?

Neither myself nor this site is perfect. The information is presented to help my fellow Star Wars collectors. I try to be as accurate as possible, but the site is based mainly on my own observations. You may not agree with all of them, and if you'd like to discuss anything you read on my site, please email me. I can't promise that I will agree with your opinion, but I do promise to at least listen. I will change my position if I feel there is good information to support the other view.

5) Whats is your position on variations?

This is a tough one, as variations and errors have caused a lot of angst among collectors. Variations are changes that appear during the production process of an item; a variation is usually intentional, and it results in a relatively large number of like items. An error, on the other hand, is an isolated random occurrence that alters the appearance of one or very few items; an error is always unintentional in nature.

In my opinion, what is or is not a variation is up to the individual collector. For example, I personally don't consider different textures of fabrics on Luke's cape to be a variation or an error, since fabric availability and how it changes over time is very unpredictable. I've seen people argue about the validity of orange caped Squidheads, and both sides have some very valid points.

6) Why do you include REPRODUCTIONS on your site, they are polluting the hobby?

The reproductions on my site are here solely to educate the collecting community. All my reproduction items are marked as such usually with a silver R on the item so that they will never be mistaken for the real thing.

I know some collectors want to destroy all reproductions, but as SunTzu states in The Art of War --- "Know your enemy". So by showcasing the reproductions, hopefully the collecting community will be made aware of these reproductions and how to make sure they are purchasing the real deal.

incl descriptions
You can see more of this collection on the premiere episode of Star Wars: Cribs!

Variation list coming soon!

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