Vintage Misc

1983 Star Wars Fan Club Member Renewal Flyer
45 rpm record, Return of the Jedi
Action Transfers, Jabba the Hutt
Action Transfers, Jabba the Hutt Throneroom
Action Transfers, The Battle on Endor
Action Transfers, The Ewoks
Battle at Sarlacc's Pit board game
Card Game, ROTJ The Play-For-Power
Carnival Mirror, ROTJ
Centerpiece, ROTJ Designware
Classic Star Wars Comic Return of the Jedi #2 Mint
Curtains, ROTJ
Dinner plate, Deka Plastics
Dixie Kitchen Cups
Dixie Kitchen Cups, loose
Folder, ROTJ Vader vs Luke Jedi
Honorary Jedi Knight Certificate
Kenner Return of the Jedi insert catalog
Kite, ROTJ 8 panel box kite
Kite, ROTJ Luke Skywalker
Kite, ROTJ Luke vs Vader
La Guerra de las Galaxias bootleg - green saber
Laminated poster/placemat
Letter, Palitoy Bounty Hunters offer
Licensing slick, Kenner
Lunchbox, ROTJ Canadian version
Lunchbox, ROTJ metal
Membership Card, Oral B Star Wars Plaque Fighters
Model Kit, Snap - Jabba's Throne Room
Motion Postcard, Fan Club
Napkins, ROTJ Designware Party Beverage, small
Napkins, ROTJ Designware Party Luncheon, large
Napkins, ROTJ Designware Party Luncheon, large, Canadian
Notebook, ROTJ Vader vs Luke Jedi
Oral-B Dental Health Adventure Book
Oral-B Luke Skywalker toothbrush
Oral-B Luke Skywalker toothbrush, carded
Party Cups, 8 oz, ROTJ Designware
Party Hats, ROTJ Designware
Party Invitations, ROTJ Designware
Party Plates, ROTJ Designware, 7 inch
Party Plates, ROTJ Designware, 9 inch
Pencil case, ROTJ
Photo Button, ROTJ
Plastic Cup, Deka Plastics
Plastic Cup, Pepperidge Farm, The Rebels
Plate, Hamilton Collection, Duel in the Emperors Throne Room
Postcard, Oral B Dental Check-up
Poster, small Luke Emperor Vader
Poster, small ROTJ
Poster, Star Wars is Forever
POTF Coin, Luke Skywalker Jedi
POTF Coin, LukeSkywalker Jedi Knight
Presto Magic Transfer Death Star
Presto Magic Transfer Sarlacc Pit
Presto Magix Return of the Jedi - Jabba's Throne Room transfers
Promotional Mobile, ROTJ
Prototype Luke Jedi coin - GRAIL
Puzzle, Match Blocks, ROTJ
Redemption Form, Kenner Promo ROTJ Poster
Reinforcements, foil, ROTJ pack
ROTJ Action Figure Carrying Case
ROTJ Corkboard, Ewok Village
ROTJ Corkboard, Jabbas Palace
ROTJ Corkboard, Luke vs Darth Vader
ROTJ Metal movie poster
ROTJ record, story picture disk
ROTJ Theatrical release poster, initial
Ruler, ROTJ
Screamin' model figure kit
Shipping Box, ROTJ Luke Jedi Carded
Sticker cards, Topps
Sticker, Kellogg Series 1
Stickers, ROTJ Drawing Board Greetings
Stickers, sheet ROTJ
Store Display, ROTJ Record & Audio Cassette
T-shirt, ROTJ era, Luke and Royal Guards, red
T-shirt, ROTJ era, Luke, Vader and Emperor, yellow
Tablecover, ROTJ Designware Party
The Story of Star Wars Return of the Jedi Record
Tin, box ROTJ
Tin, small round ROTJ
Trading Card, ROTJ #65, Chrome Archive
Trading Card, ROTJ #70, Chrome Archive
Trading Card, ROTJ #71, Chrome Archive
Trading Cards, ROTJ, Uncut Sheet #1
Trading Cards, ROTJ, Uncut Sheet #2
Trading Cards, ROTJ, Uncut Sheet #3 & #4
Trash Can, ROTJ
Tray, tin ROTJ
Underoos underwear
Valentine Cards, ROTJ Designware
Vending Box, Topps ROTJ Series 1
Vending Box, Topps ROTJ Series 2

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You can see more of this collection on the premiere episode of Star Wars: Cribs!

Variation list coming soon!

Has gone the way of Kenner :(
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