Proto-molded ROTJ Luke Jedi figure - Toy Fair


This is a ROTJ Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight proto-molded figure and my personal Grail item.

Would love to own this piece of history. Photos by Matt Brand. Displayed at Toy Fair in 1983, this beautiful piece has a removable head with a plastic peg, feet with no peg holes, and no date or origin stamp. The accessories include two hand-painted sabers, a darker handmade cloak and a rough gun. The sabers appear to be yellow Luke Bespin sabers which have been painted with blue on the blades and black on the hilts. More information can be found at SWCA

Vintage Pre-Production
Vintage (pre-1995)

incl descriptions
You can see more of this collection on the premiere episode of Star Wars: Cribs!

Variation list coming soon!

Has gone the way of Kenner :(
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